Seiza: Cardano (ADA) Blockchain Explorer is Now Live


has released a blockchain explorer, Seiza, to make it
easy to track transactions on the platform. The development was announced by
EMURGO, a section of Cardano’s team that develops, supports, and incubates
commercial ventures.

a tweet,
EMURGO said:

“We are excited to unveil ‘Seiza,’ an all-new official Cardano Blockchain Explorer developed by EMURGO! Starting right now, you can visit the website. With Shelley slated in the near future, Seiza provides utility & transparency for ADA holders.”

The Dawn of
Shelley Phase

release of the blockchain explorer comes at a time when Cardano is gearing up
to go through an upgrade nicknamed Shelly and which number two on Cardano’s
road map. The Shelly upgrade is in honor of Percy Bysshe Shelley, an English
poet of the 18th century.

With Shelly, Cardano aims at improving its network’s decentralization together with providing more stability with its Proof of Stake consensus mechanism

is taking a rather untrodden path in the consensus world. Their aim is to simplify
reentry of nodes after being offline. Apart from nodes, ADA holders will be
able to delegate their stake to participate in the production of new blocks
through a stake pool. In return, Cardano “will
provide incentives to those who delegate their stake and become active
participants in the PoS consensus protocol.”

A Delegation
Certificate Bind Everything and Everyone Together

everything is being handled on-chain, a delegation certificate will be created
on the Cardano blockchain to act as a binding digital document between ADA
holders that have delegated their coins and the stake pool operator.
Unfortunately, ADA holders who delegate their coins will also need to pay the
stake pool operator “to perform these
services on their behalf.”

from Shelley’s works that best echoes with Cardano’s goals of full
decentralization reads:

“And on the pedestal, these words appear: My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

that should despair at the mighty works of Cardano are centralized blockchain
platforms and those that have a poor implementation of the Proof of Stake
consensus mechanism.

Goguen, Basho, and

Apart from Shelly, Cardano has three other notable upgrades on the way; Goguen, Basho, and Voltaire. Each of these upgrades brings in something new to the platform.

For example, the Goguen upgrade targets to build a next-generation virtual machine plus a universal language framework targeting future blockchain technologies. As such, the upgrade aims to enhance security and dependability.

After minimizing the risk of vulnerabilities, Cardano will concentrate on improving performance, scalability, and an additional dose of security through the Basho upgrade. Voltaire will be the last leg of Cardano’s existing roadmap. With Voltaire, Cardano will introduce a governance model together with a treasury system.

“Cardano’s on-chain governance model introduces several conceptual breakthroughs, including that (1) it is a hybrid system in which participants can either vote directly or delegate their vote, (2) delegation and voting are performed simultaneously, and (3) all votes are done in private.”

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