43 Photos of 31 Secret Celebrity Badasses in the Military and More

Secret Celebrity Badasses

Don’t be fooled by all the glitz and glamour of fame and fortune. Popular people aren’t always as shallow as many of us perceive them to be. There are actually secret celebrity badasses that are worth the applause beyond the TV screen.

Here are some bad ass celebs from movies, TV, music, sports, and even politics that you’d be surprised to learn about!

Harrison Ford

Piloting his helicopter for free, he had joined several search and rescue operations, humanitarian efforts and more.

harrison ford helicopter

Steve Buscemi

He rejoined his old New York Fire Department company to help during the 9/11 debris cleanup drive.

Steve Buscemi 9/11

Buscemi, Steve Bennet, Pete Metzger, Paul Acciarito, Rocco Battista

Photo courtesy of HBO

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