Runtastic Integration – Which Watches, What Apps and How It Works


Did you know that Runtastic supports smartwatch integration and can sync to other apps? If we’ve lost you, then what we’re trying to say is: If you already have a smartwatch, then it may be compatible with the Runtastic app! In addition to smartwatches, you can also opt to share your Runtastic activities with a few, select partner apps. Read on to learn more!

Which smartwatches are compatible with Runtastic? What apps should I download? Give our list a read to see which smartwatches and apps can be integrated.

Note: In order to offer our users the best possible experience, this list has been slightly changed. Thanks for your understanding!


Polar Watch

Runtastic now offers Polar integration, too. No need to run with your phone – easily sync activities tracked with your Polar GPS watch directly to the app!

Here’s how to connect your Runtastic account to you Polar device: Open the Runtastic App click on the gear icon on the main screen, click “Partner Accounts” and click “Connect” in the Polar Flow section.

Garmin Connect

Garmin watch

Garmin watch

This feature was really at the top of our users’ list! Instead of bringing your phone with you during your activities, you can simply use your Garmin watch, and your workouts will be available in the Runtastic app for further analysis.

Here’s how to sync your Runtastic account with your Garmin watch: Open the Runtastic App click on the gear icon on the main screen, click “Partner Accounts” and click “Connect” in the Garmin Connect section.

Apple Watch

Apple watch

Apple watch

Runtastic is also available for Apple Watch as both a 2nd screen and a standalone app! You will need an Phone 6 or newer running iOS 11 or higher to get connected. If you have an Apple Watch, then you will be able to see key activity stats directly on your wrist during an activity. To use the Apple Watch as a 2nd screen for your Runtastic app, you will need Watch OS3 or higher. To use the standalone Runtastic App, you’ll need Watch OS4.

Additionally, Apple Watch works with the Runtastic Results app, the Runtastic Six Pack app and the Runtastic Butt Trainer app.

Wear OS by Google

Wear OS by Google

Wear OS by Google

Android Wear is an operating system designed for wearable tech (such as smartwatches) – if your smartwatch is running Android Wear, then you’re ready to go with Runtastic! The smartwatch pairs to your Android phone running Android 4.4 or higher, you can even start a run by saying “Ok Google, start a run!” In addition to starting a run using voice commands, you can use your smartwatch to see key stats during a run, pause and stop your run with a tap of the screen and also view your post run analysis directly on your wrist.

You can also workout with your Runtastic Results app right on your Android Wear smartwatch as well!


Apple Health (iPhone)

Apple Health

Apple Health

When you complete an activity with the Runtastic app, Apple Health will be able to display useful information like walking and running distance, calories burned and now sleep stats from Sleep Better. These stats then form part of your daily activity statistics in Apple Health.

Follow these simple steps to activate the synchronization with Apple Health: go to the “Profile” tab, tap the gear icon in the top right corner, select “Partner Accounts”, and then “Enable Apple Health”.

Google Fit (Android)

Google Fit

Google Fit

When you complete an activity with the Runtastic app and sync it to, Google Fit will also receive the activity data and then display information such as start time, duration, distance covered and calories burned. This information then forms part of your daily activity stats in Google Fit.

How to connect Runtastic with Google Fit: Open the Runtastic App click on the gear icon on the main screen, click “Partner Accounts” and click “Connect” next to Google Fit.

Good to know:

Your data is only ever shared across different apps when you have linked your account and allowed sharing to happen.


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