18 Funniest Faces In The 2016 Rio Olympics

Kosuke Hagino Rio Olympics
The 2016 Rio Olympics has just concluded its run. As expected, it was full of emotions from athletes and even the fans all over the world. There were great stories about selflessness and thinking about other athletes. There were even controversies about guns being pointed on some top athletes during the games. But to help you get through a gruelling day at the office or at home, here are some of the funniest and cutest faces in the Olympics.

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Andre Nascimento of Brazil tries to tackle Kisi Keomaka during their rugby player.
Andre Nascimento Rio Olympics

Zhao Minggang of China is sponged for his boxing match during the Rio Olympics.
Zhao Minggang Rio Olympics

Andro Buslje of the Croatian water polo team taking a breather.
Andro Buslje Rio Olympics

Ibti Muhammad of Team USA made history as she grabbed bronze while wearing a hijab during the Rio Olympics competition.
Ibti Muhammad Rio Olympics

Usain Bolt managing a smile while seemingly on turbo mode on his way to 100m gold.
Usain Bolt Rio Olympics

Kosuke Hagino of Japan preparing for the semis in the 200m freestyle event during the Rio Olympics.
Kosuke Hagino Rio Olympics

This reaction from Poland’s Kacper Majchrzak.
Kacper Majchrzak Rio Olympics

Italian Laura Giombini during a match versus Canada.
Laura Giombini Rio Olympics

Michael Phelps of Team USA preparing for 200m butterfly event.
Michael Phelps Rio Olympics

And here he is with that iconic game face.
Michael Phelps Rio Olympics

An ecstatic Sarah Robles from the US after clipping a 16-year drought when she took home bronze in the over 75 kg category in weightlifting at the Rio Olympics.
Sarah Robles Rio Olympics

Nikita Nagornyy’s game face wins this one.
Nikita Nagornyy Rio Olympics

Here is Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas diving into the finish line to edge out a win for gold over Allyson Felix in 400m.
Shaunae Miller Rio Olympics

Julio Cesar Salamanca’s trying to join the game face challenge.
Julio Cesar Salamanca Rio Olymics

Se Gwang Ri doing the vault – and no there is nothing wrong with his legs.
Se Gwang Ri Rio Olympics

Chaopan Lin be like: Yeah I got this!
Chaopan Lin Rio Olympics

Slovakia’s Barbora Balazova during her singles qualification round table tennis match.
Barbora Balazova Rio Olympics

Li Xiaoxia during a table tennis match watching the ball ever so closely.
Li Xiaoxia Rio Olympics

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