Raising Awareness For The 22 Veterans Lost Everyday


The  new statistics of U.S. Service Members committing suicide is estimated at 22 a day.  Twenty-two suffering souls leave their body to escape the pain.  Day after day, week after week and month after month,  American veterans battle a ddebilitating statistic.  The sad reality has struck the public and some efforts are underway to try and turn the tide.


And women service members returning  from a foreign war are 12 times more likely to take their own lives than a man.   U.S. Representative Julia Brownley introduced a measure last June trying to alleviate some of the crippling stress.  “The bill adds women-specific references to the U.S. Code regarding veterans benefits and establishes ways of measuring the effectiveness of suicide-prevention efforts for women veterans.”

In Wisconsin, a young veteran amputee victim found music and his friends helped him to recover from the dark recesses of his turmoil.  J.P. Lane will be performing at the Meyer Theatre in Wisconsin in a line up devoted to saving his fellow veterans from taking the irrevocable step.  Proceeds from the benefit concert will be donated to Cover Me Veterans, a non-profit dedicated to reducing suicide in the military.


In June of 2016, dozens of veterans marched in the heat of Iowa wearing only their ‘silkies’ shorts worn by Marines during training.  The group marched to bring awareness to the growing problem of Veteran suicides.  Each wore 50 KG strapped to their backs and raised money for a group called the Irreverent Warriors.


This issue has grown over the recent years.  And sadly, we are loosing more of our brave warriors every day.  As awareness to the problem is increased, we hope to work together and find many avenues paved with hope for our heroes.  Groups across the nation have taken this message to heart.  Now,  it is time to share those views.

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