Radioactive Veterans Documentary Released!



Radioactive Veterans

is a new documentary produced by North Carolina’s Bradley Bethel.  The film features the story of a 1950’s marine named Donald Guy who was ordered to the Nevada test ranges during the nuclear experiments of the time.  Like thousands of other service personnel, Donald was informed that he was safe to be in such close proximity to the mushroom cloud blasts.  In fact, they would jog through the debris and inhale the radioactivity.


A few years after witnessing the atomic blasts and training in the dust cloud, Donald Guy began to have medical concerns.  The film details the issues throughout his life and inability to receive assistance for his medical disabilities (caused by the radioactivity).  The film follows his widow’s fight to gain compensation and recognition from the Veteran Affairs.  Donald Guy died in 2009 before he receive benefits.

“Kabatchnick, a lawyer, law professor and director of N.C. Central University’s Veterans Law Clinic, represented Guy in his quest for disability benefits relating to radiation exposure as a Marine in 1953.

Kabatchnick won the case in 2009, months before Guy died, but Guy’s widow did not receive a settlement until this spring.”

The Facebook page for the documentary is which was directed by Mark Wampler.  The radioactive particulates were also spread from the testing sites to various nearby civilian cities such as St. George, Utah and caused health issues for the many there.  The film interviews those still living who remember the ordeal.

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