Protestors Rally for Boycott of Wing Depot After Owners Beat Veteran to a Pulp


Crowds of people gathered on Thursday morning in order to inspire an absolute boycott of Wing Depot. The once locally beloved restaurant made headlines last week after owners were charged with assault and battery on a veteran on Memorial Day.

The owners have been identified as Terry Lodge and William Lodge.


Naturally, witnesses and the couple’s attorney have completely different stories regarding the events that occurred prior to the incident.

Regardless of the petty details, veteran Charles Hughes was wounded to the point where he needed to be hospitalized immediately.

The protestors are determined to voice to the community that what happened to Hughes is absolutely unacceptable.

The chief organizer of the protest has also reached out to local businesses in an effort to contact the employees and potentially hire them if Wing Depot does indeed go under. Their protest is directed at the owners rather than those employed by them.

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