President to Reveal ISIS Strategy Tonight


President Obama addresses Americans tonight to share strategy to defeat ISIS.  His speech will take place tonight at 9 pm EST and most sources are expecting the President to discuss – at a minimum – an expansion of military efforts in Iraq and Syria.

Yesterday we shared a blog post providing numbers from a ABC/Washington Post poll which showed that the majority of Americans back attacks on ISIS.  According to reports on Tuesday, House Speaker John Boehner met with President Obama and shared that he would not only support a campaign against Sunni Islamic extremists in the Middle East, but would also support more training of the Iraq army and providing training and equipment to moderate Syrian opposition groups.

While we do not know exactly what President Obama’s ISIS strategy will be, the reports on the support Boehner offered may be a precursor to what Obama will reveal as his strategy.  Most believe he will outline a plan with more wide-ranging airstrikes in Iraq and possibly Syria, training of the Syrian Free Army by U.S. Special Forces and more equipment and training for the Iraqs.

Of course, right now this is all speculation.  Tonight at 9 pm the speculation will end as we hear the President reveal his strategy to destroy ISIS.


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