This Olympic Medal Is More Valuable Than Gold

Nikki Hamblin

Did you know that there is an Olympic Medal that is far more valuable than the gold, silver, or bronze?

This is the Pierre de Coubertin medal and Olympians are fighting for this medal too. The medal was named after the modern Olympic founder and the criteria to win it is something quite special.

Instead of judging your talent, skill or sport, this medal looks at your attitude towards fellow players. It is awarded to athletes who showed extraordinary displays of sportsmanship. What makes it valuable is the fact that is it not awarded in every Olympic game. The International Olympic Committee awards this medal to those whom they feel gave a noteworthy show of sportsmanship – regardless if the athlete won a medal or not. To date, there are 18 recipients since the modern Olympics started.

Rare Olympic medal

Here are the noteworthy recipients of the prestigious Pierre de Coubertin medal.

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