OC Bikers Helping Abused Children


Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) is an organization with a mission to empower formerly abused children to live without fear. BACA was originally founded in 1995 and has since grown to become an international organization stretching to 46 states and a total of 13 countries.

The Orange County branch of BACA was created in 2014 after a staggering increase to the reports of child abuse. Fester, vice president of the OC chapter, claims, “There was a need for us in Orange County”.


A giant intimidating biker helping a frightened abused child might seem like a bizarre scene. However abused children often feel helpless and giving them a tough looking and trustworthy support system is infinitely beneficial to their road to recovery.

Every new child is given their own biker vest, road name, blanket, teddy bear, and special spot in the BACA family. Each child is also connected with two bikers who they may contact at any given point in time. Bikers also set up security detail at the child’s home should they feel threatened and will even accompany them to court.

The OC Bikers are certainly a new brand of hero.

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