Obama Puts Assad and Syrian Forces on Notice


Syria’s air defense system will be destroyed if Syrian forces decide to shoot at U.S. planes that enter Syrian airspace. This, according to the New York Times, is what President Obama said in meetings with government officials and foreign policy experts leading up to his prime-time ISIS strategy speech last week.

In that speech, Obama stated that he wouldn’t hesitate to authorize U.S. airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. Doing this could put Syrian President Bashar Assad in a precarious position. One decsion he could make would be to give orders to Syrian forces to take aim at U.S. Military flights which – as the President promised – would lead to the destruction of Syria’s air defense system. It was also reported that President Obama feels like that scenario could lead to Assad’s overthrow.

In those same meetings with officials, policy leaders, columnists and journalists, Obama let everyone know that he foresees the campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to be a long-term battle.

According to the New York Times report Obama said, “This will be a problem for the next president and probably the one after that.”

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