NYU Shuts Down Research Study That Went Terribly Wrong!


It has been announced nationally this morning that the prominent New York University‘s medical school was forced to immediately shut down eight active studies.

The studies were being performed at the university’s psychiatric research center. The university was forced to part ways with one of their top researchers swiftly after finding out that a series of violations had been made during the course of a research study.

The study that was shut down focuses on the effects of an experimental and even mind-altering drug.

A federal investigation on several of the studies revealed that there was little to literally no monitoring of the research participants after they were given a course of the mind-altering drug.

What is even more worrisome in this case is that the research participants that were chosen were all individuals suffering from serious mental health issues.

In one of the shut down cases, an individual with post-traumatic stress brought on by childhood abuse, was given an untested mind altering drug (that was thought to mimic the effects of marijuana) to see if it relieved any of their symptoms.


The FDA also found that the researchers had purposefully falsified records and refused to use accurate case histories.

Recently many other studies have been conducted in order to find a connection to drugs such as marijuana and even ecstasy, and their effect in calming PTSD symptoms associated specifically with traumatized veterans.

Naturally it is imperative that with these drugs that have unknown effects on traumatic memory, close supervision is extremely important!

Experts say that study participants with mental illnesses are specifically susceptible to adverse reactions.

One of the many participants that came forward, mentioned that it wasn’t the minimal attention that horrified her, but rather what she had to do to prepare for the study. The NYU researchers forced her to stop taking all present medications.

At this time the study has been completely shut down and all study participants have been tracked down in order to have their present health checked out.

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