Couple Devotes 26 Years to Caring for Injured Veterans


For 26 years, a Rapid Valley, North Dakota couple have cared for military veterans in their home. Janice and David Oleson take in veterans who have injuries or conditions that prevent them from taking care of themselves. The couple, however, goes well beyond the VA’s basic care requirements as they take the men on a yearly vacation trip, purchase them additional clothing and necessities, drive them to visit family and attend their funerals when they pass away. They treat the men as family and with dignity – something we Americans could all learn from.

This retired couple from Rapid Valley, North Dakota do not have a background in mental or physical healthcare. They just decided that – instead of kicking their feet up and relaxing their retired years away – that they wanted to give back and help others. We commend the Olesons for their selflessness in caring for these injured military veterans who sacrificed so much for our freedom. Thank you for introducing us to this North Dakota couple.

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Helping Veterans a Selfless Mission for North Dakota Couple

Janice and Dave Oleson run Oleson VA Residential Care. Over 26 years, they have given 40 military veterans a place to live along with the care needed to live a comfortable life. According to the Rapid City Journal, the VA requires, “the couple provide three meals a day, make sure the rooms, beds and sheets are clean, and see to it that the veterans are taking their medications.”

But as we mentioned above, the Olesons go well beyond those basic requirements. They have driven (once as far away as North Platte, Nebraska) these military vets to visit family they haven’t seen in years. Once a year, they pack up their in-home care residents and take them on a vacation. And they don’t just drive these veterans a few miles away to a hotel. Some of these vacations have included trips to Yellowstone, California and Oregon. They even help clothe some of the men when needed.

While the Veterans Administration does pay the Olesons for their services, the North Dakota couple goes well beyond VA requirements – both in money and time. No matter how difficult – due to the mental and physical ailments of these vets – the task can be, Janice and David are truly devoted to providing a better life for these injured veterans. “We show them that we care,” David said. “These guys know that we care about them one way or another.”

Just as we here at BuiltUSA often thank our military service members and veterans for their service and sacrifice, we also want to thank the Olesons for selflessly helping these veterans for the past 26 years.

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