New Marine Tattoo Guidelines You Don’t Want to Miss


Before you run out and get that mother tattoo on your neck you better read the new U.S. Marine Corps tattoo guidelines.  To state it basically:  no visible tattoos beyond the t-shirt and shorts issued for training.  In essence, one must be able to hide all visible tattoos from sight under the new regulations.  And if you have intentions to become an officer, make that only 4 tattoos per body please. The only exception would be the tattooed wedding ring which is now allowable up to 3-inches in size on the applicable finger.

marine tattoo guidelines

32 pages of regulations spell out the new guidelines. But, if it’s neck tattoos you’re after, perhaps the Navy would be a better fit for you as they allow neck, full sleeves and behind the ear tattoos.  Enlisted personnel whose tattoos do not confine to the new guidelines will not be eligible to become commissioned officers.  Although, marines sporting tattoos from that were allowed in previous regulations will not be disciplined.

Female marines with tattoos on their legs must wear slacks instead of the skirt.  And small tattoos that are coverable with one hand are allowed on legs and past the elbow.

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