New Bikes to Ride!


There is a new bike in town and he’s called the Indian Chieftain Dark Horse.  And hold your chrome because she’s black on black on black.  Stealthy and slick the American manufacturer Polaris has gained in the ranks to claim the status of 2nd largest motorcycle manufacturers in the U.S.    Even the wide handlebars of the Dark Horse are black.

16-inch cast wheels, air- and oil-cooled 49-degree V-twin engine and coming in at  $16,999 it is less expensive than its big brother Indian’s ‘Chief Classic’.  Harley Davidson still ranks #1 in the country but as it has seen its sales drop over the past few years competitors are taking the initiative to offer new bikes and new ideas to the mix.




Polaris released the ‘Springfield’ in March.  A “commuting and long-distance touring” bike.  This beautiful bike can hold over 533 lbs of passenger and possessions.   The look is retro and gorgeous at that.  Chrome fittings, cherry red paint and a style most can remember from flipping through old magazines.

But, the technology under that facade is all 2016.  At about 76 hp she flies roaring her Thunder Stroke engine III.  With her 67-inch wheelbase she coasts over distractions.  And at the MSRP of $21,550 she’s a keeper!



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