New Air Force Football Helmets ‘Sharktooth’ Design IMPRESSIVE!


New And Improved

U.S. Air Force Academy football players have something new to make them beam with pride.  A sneak preview of their new helmets went viral online. Interested viewers shared and shared the images of the new protective head gear.

The helmets feature the ‘iconic shark tooth face’. This image is a homage to the A-10 planes flown in World War II by the ‘Flying Tigers’. The first time they will make their way to the field will be September 10th, 2016 when the Falcons play Georgia State.

This isn’t the first time the military service academies took creative license in their designs.  Last year, the Army played the Navy and due to the intense rivalry between the two teams they wore special helmets.  The navy donned helmets with ‘a different class of ship painted on the helmets for each football position’.  The army wore helmets that reflected ‘the different divisions cadets enter upon graduation from Airborne to Infantry.’

The Purpose

“If it helps gets eyeballs to our games or gets people to what we’re doing and what our coaches go out and have to sell to recruits, then that helps,”Scott Richardson, Air Force Equipment Manager said. “At the end of the day, it’s just cool.”

The special helmets will only be worn during the Georgia State game on September 10th, 2016.  After that, F-16’s will be featured on the helmets.  The plan that Air Force Athletics is calling the Airpower Legacy Series and will feature different aircraft over the next 5 years.

Coach Troy Calhoun was the only one who said he preferred the ‘standard helmet look’.  “I like bolts,” Calhoun said, referring to Air Force’s standard helmet look. “But they put together an exceptional design. Yet it won’t help us block and tackle on a single play.”

It’s true that the new look may not help the team win the games but it sure will bring more fans to the watch them play!

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