Bin Laden

No Easy Day

No Easy Daya book published in 2012, details the day U.S. Armed Forces raided the location of Osama Bin Laden. This raid led to his subsequent demise. Unfortunately the novel has caused considerable controversy.

Mark Owen, the pen name of, Matt Bissonnette wrote the book. He was recently sent a letter from Jeh Johnson, the Defense Department’s top lawyer.

The letter, also sent to the book’s publisher, Penguin Putnam, advised both parties that it had been published in violation of non-disclosure agreements. Bissonnette had signed these agreements during his time in active duty as a Navy Seal.


After years of debate over if Bissonette revealed classified secrets in his book, an agreement has been decided. However a judge has yet to accept the settlement.

Matt is to pay all proceeds from his book as well as all future payments and to pay the legal fees for the Justice Department.  To date, the proceeds of the book have totaled 6.6 million dollars. Bissonette will have four years to repay this amount.

His Final Say

Bissonnette claims that he never revealed any classified secrets. But he admitted he failed to present the book to the Pentagon for review before publishing.


“I acknowledge my mistake and have paid a stiff price, both personally and financially, for that error,” he said. “I accept responsibility for failing to submit the book for review and apologize sincerely for my oversight.”


“This enforcement action does not discredit Mr. Bissonnette’s military service, but reinforces that it is important for our service members and individuals who have been assigned positions of trust and granted access to classified information to comply with the obligations set forth in their non-disclosure agreements to protect classified information after leaving the U.S. military and government in an effort to protect our nation’s national security,” Nicole Navas, a spokesperson at the U.S.Department of Justice, said in a statement to ABC News.

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