Navy Vet Races For Charity – Vegas to Reno

navy vet

The Race

Jacqueline Carrizosa, a Navy veteran who served as a  Gunners Mate Second Class Petty Officer and Rescue Swimmer on the CVN 76 USS Ronald Reagan and DDG 101 USS Gridley, is set to compete in the General Tires Vegas to Reno 2016  race on August 17th– 20th.

Jacqueline is riding a super-suped Honda 450x and will be visible on a ‘spot tracker’ as she rides through the 640 mile course.  She is competing to raise funds for the Veteran’s Training Fund, which is an organization that trains veterans for employment in the: tourist, sercurity and corporate team building and firearms safety industries.  Jacqueline hopes to raise $50,000 for the organization.

Carrizosa will face 300 competitors in the America’s longest off-road race.  She will be the first military veteran to race as an Ironwoman.  She has a GoFundMe page in order to send donations.  Contributors may pledge $5, $10 or $20 per 100 miles.

During Carrizosa’s tenure in the Navy she was picked as a military advisor for the movie Battleship.  It was then that she worked with Rihanna to develop her character in the movie.

navy vet

Fundraising For Veterans

Her KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN says the following about the event:

“By accomplishing this years 2016 Vegas To Reno the Long Way, over 640 miles, I plan on raising over $50,000 in charity for my military veterans and families. 

ALL of the money raised here will go to Veterans Training Fund . You will see how your money gets used 100% to support the Veterans. 

I will be racing a sponsored motorcycle provided by OX Motorsports, Baja Offroad Champions . The bike is a well prepped Honda 450x. 

During this race I will have a tracker, what is called a Spot Tracker. With that you will be able to trace my position along the entire race to see the progress. This race is to take place from August 17-20, during some of the hottest days of the Summer“

navy vet


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