Navy SEAL Caught in False Active Shooter Airport Panic: ‘They Don’t Have a Good Plan’

active shooter

LAX Panic

On this Monday we are brought news of mass panic and hysteria in the central terminal of LAX. After multiple travelers heard “loud noises” panic quickly led to reports of an active shooter. Los Angeles International Airport was closed for more than 90 minutes on Sunday night.

It wasn’t reopened until two hours after the initial scare. A spokesman from the Los Angeles Police Department, Andy Neiman, publically confirmed that there was no actual shooter found. During the lock down a man that was dressed in what appeared to be a Zorro costume was taken into custody. However after questioning it appeared that the man had nothing to do with the mass hysteria that broke out.

Abandoned bags were everywhere. Masses of people ran screaming and crying out of terminals as police with rifles stormed in.

Reports of LAX’s mass hysteria comes shortly after JFK’s similar scare.


A Navy Vet’s Experience

It was at JFK’s Terminals 1 and 8 that police received reports of an active shooter.

Countless travelers shared their experience including Navy veteran Brandon Webb. Webb revealed that he had just landed at Terminal 1 and was going through customs when a flood of police swam through the terminal.

“They were screaming at people,” said Webb. “They said there was an active shooter, run for your lives, shots fired.”

Shortly after that the crowd of about 400 people that Webb was surrounded by panicked.

“Everyone stormed over the barricades and out onto the tarmac,” he said. “Kids were getting trampled, adults were getting separated from their kids.”

Webb continued, “It dawned on me they don’t have a good plan for dealing with passengers.”

Many had questioned as to why police officers had not looked through security camera prior to barging into the terminals.

Not only were the police not granted access to the live feeds, but they were also unable to use the airport speaker system to alert passengers properly.

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