Navy Files for Patent to Create Energy from Gas


 A New Idea

Green technologies are all the rage these days as we try to replace toxic processes and fossil fuels.  And the Navy is no stranger to innovation.

Military researchers have filed for patent protection on a special idea. An idea they think will revolutionize the Navy’s abilities.  They call it a ‘Bacterial-Based Gas Generator’.  Which basically means  ‘energy machine from farts’.  It can produce a very large amount of methane or hydrogen depending on what is producing the gas.

The scientific breakdown is a little more detailed.  Using a pressurized chamber, the microorganisms will be given a steady diet.  As the microorganisms devour the food, the bacteria will produce gas as a byproduct.  That gas can be used as energy, depending of course on the kind of gas produced.

The Breakdown

“Any microorganism that produces a gas may be used,” reads the Navy’s patent documents.

The gas produced by the microorganisms can reach 30 pounds per square inch above atmospheric pressure.  A valve releases the pressurized gasses for several uses including:  creating pressurized ballast tanks for marine vessels, a renewable power source, sufficient energy to power unmanned watercraft.

This concept is not so new.  A quick patent search reveals plenty of other ideas very similar yet different enough.

But, if successful, the idea could open the Navy’s ability to power itself in any area.  The Navy could sustain its vessels, small and large, without the need of large fuel resources.

And the innovation doesn’t stop there.  Last month, the Navy was in the news for creating a self-sustaining garden on submarines.    And if the ships could fuel themselves and grow their own fruits and vegetables without the need of going to shore and restocking the Navy would be able to replenish their own supplies and be much less vulnerable while sailing the international seas.

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