National Guard Activated In Milwaukee Amid Violence


What Happened

Over the weekend, the violence in Milwaukee has only escalated. On Sunday Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker was forced to activate his state’s National Guard. The National Guard was activated to help Milwaukee police with the increasingly violent protests. This violence broke out in response to the fatal shooting of a man by police officers.

It was reported that the man was fleeing a traffic stop. Police also reported that the man was armed. At this point a total of four businesses have been burned down. One Police Officer has also been hospitalized due to injuries sustained during Saturday’s violence.

The violence broke out only hours after the man’s fatal shooting.

Initially the races of the man or the police officers involved was not released.

Protests began to break out in the city’s predominantly black north side.

Walker activated the National Guard shortly after receiving a request from the Milwaukee County Sheriff. After discussing the matter with the city’s mayor and the Guard’s leader, the decision was swiftly made.


The Aftermath

Sunday morning, the damage from the night before came to light. Walker happily encouraged citizens who showed up Sunday morning in order to help clean up. Most of the clean up took place at the north side of the neighborhood where a majority of the violence took place.

Walker called for “continued peace and prayer” during this fragile time.

Alderman Khalif Rainey represents the city’s district.

Rainey was quoted saying that the outpour of violence was a warning from the city’s black residents who are “tired of living under this oppression”.

“Now this is a warning cry. Where do we go from here? Where do we go as a community from here?” Rainey announced at the news conference.

The mayor announced that the young man was stopped because the two officers on duty witnessed suspicious activity.

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