More American Troops Heading to Iraq to Help in Fight Against ISIS

Iraqi soldiers from the 1st Iraqi Army Division and U.S. Soldiers board a U.S. Marine Corps CH-53 Super Stallion helicopter at Camp Ramadi, Iraq, Nov. 15, 2009, during a static loading exercise being conducted to prepare for upcoming missions. The Soldiers are assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division. (DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Daniel St. Pierre, U.S. Air Force/Released)

Earlier this week, President Obama authorized up to 450 additional American troops to Iraq to aid in the fight against ISIS by training Iraq security forces and Sunni tribes with some reports saying the administration will grow that number to 1000 American troops. The White House also said it will speed up the sending of equipment and weapons to Sunni tribes, as well as the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, who are operating under Iraqi command. Do you think the Obama administration is doing enough in the fight against ISIS?

Additional American Troops Don’t Change Mission

According to a Hero Giveaways blog post, “These additional troops will bring American troop levels in Iraq up to 3,550. The additional American troops will arrive as early as this summer and the troops will set up the training center primarily to advise and assist Iraqi security forces and to engage and reach out to Sunni tribes in Anbar in order to help train Sunni fighters.”

The White House sent out the message that deploying these additional U.S. troops was in no way altering the original mission of the United States in aiding Iraq’s fight against ISIS.

“This decision does not represent a change in mission, but rather adds another location for D.O.D. to conduct similar activities in more areas in Iraq,” the Department of Defense said in a statement. “This effort is in keeping with our overarching strategy to work with partners on the ground to degrade and ultimately defeat ISIL.”

White House Hopes Additional Troops and Weapons will Lead to Sunni Uprising

CNN reported the following…

The hope, an Obama administration official said, is that a new “Sunni uprising” similar to one that took place in 2013 will occur – but this time, aimed at Islamic State fighters.

“This is designed to focus on training the Sunnis,” the official said.

The additional U.S. military personnel will train and advise Iraqi and tribal troops at the Taqaddum military base in eastern Anbar province.

Sunni fighters will continue with the standard practice of undergoing a security review by the Iraq’s before they are permitted to join, to ensure they do not have loyalties to ISIS, the official said.

“These new advisers will work to build capacity of Iraqi forces, including local tribal fighters, to improve their ability to plan, lead and conduct operations against ISIL in eastern Anbar under the command of the prime minister,” Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, said in a statement, referring to the Islamic State, which is also known as ISIS and ISIL. “This train, advise and assist mission builds on lessons learned during the past several months and is just one aspect of our commitment to support the Iraqi Security Forces.”

Do you think the White House strategy is a good one? Or, do you think it is time – like this retired Navy Seal says – to unleash our U.S. forces on ISIS.

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