Military Uniform – How it has Changed in 250 Years

Military Uniform - 2004

Every troop has its own military uniform. It is a mandatory order that no one is allowed to disrespect. An army without a uniform is not an army, as they say.

Our military men receives several sets of uniforms, which are to be used on different events. There’s a military uniform for battles or for formal ceremonial events.

Wearing a military uniform helps our troops identify the foes and the opponents. With that, chances of killing one another is decreased, if not eradicated.

A military uniform also helps our army stand out in a crowd. This will help other people to identify their status and position, and also distinguish their duties based on what they wear.

A military uniform also provides a sense of belongingness. An officer who’s new to his service will automatically feel welcomed and honored by the time he sees himself wearing the same set of clothes from his fellow comrades. It also gives him the feeling of equality. Although he’s just new, he knows he has successfully proven himself, like everyone else, therefore, improving his self-confidence in the long run.

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