Military Faker Caught Committing Stolen Valor Not Once, but Three Times on Video!


A career criminal and sex offender was recently caught not once, but three times in two states impersonating a military service member for financial gain. In one of the stolen valor videos, the military faker, identified as Miles Shoumake, incriminates himself by showing he received a military discount for a bus ticket. If you are as outraged as we are about military fakers, then please share this blog post so others can see the videos and possibly get this guy busted for stolen valor.

We’d like to thank the folks at Guardian of Valor for outing this scumbag and also digging into his sordid past full of criminal activity and sexual misconduct. This military faker needs to be busted. Hopefully our readers will follow suit and share our post with their social networks so we can catch this military faker.

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Stolen Valor and Military Faker, Miles Shoumake

The initial incident of stolen valor as reported by Guardian of Valor occurred in Nebraska and is shown in the first video below. What is mind-numbing is that the police actually told the real veteran to leave the premises because he was “harassing” a customer. That customer was the military faker who was receiving money from other customers who thought he was a real service member. Then, the police gave the military faker a free ride – not to prison – but to another truck stop where he probably took more money from people on the false premise of being in the military.

Fox News picked up on the story and this is what they reported.

A veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom started recording recently at a Nebraska truck stop when he noticed the suspected phony soldier asking for money.

The veteran said he became fed up when he saw people thank the man for his service and one person give him money.

The veteran then confronted the man inside the convenience store.

He immediately called out that the man’s uniform didn’t look right, specifically that there was no name tag.

The man in question apparently had claimed to people that he had just returned from overseas, was injured in combat and was given three Purple Hearts.

Miles Shoumake Stolen Valor Videos

Below are the three military faker videos shared by Guardian of Valor. Disclaimer – These stolen valor videos do contain profanity.

Stolen Valor Fake Outed In Gretna, Nebraska Begging For Money

Miles Shoumake Busted Again On Video For Stolen Valor, Fort Riley

Miles Shoumake, third Stolen Valor bust in two weeks! Salina Kansas

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