Medals & Uniform STOLEN of Late WWII POW From His Family


Louis Read was a famous World War II veteran who had amazingly survived a Bataan Death March and more than three years in a Japanese prison camp. Unfortunately Read’s family was horrified to announce this week that Read’s most famous medals and even his uniform had been stolen.

His daughter, Phyllis Wood, made the claim the his uniform as well as many of his most prized medals were stolen out of their family storage unit.

Unfortunately, Read passed away back in 2011, and the stolen medals and uniform were one of the last pieces to honor his amazing memory.

The large storage unit that the stolen possessions were taken from was stationed in the backyard of the Read property.


Wood had reported to police that the upon returning home from daily errands she found that the storage unit had been ripped open. The lock to the storage unit was tossed on the ground along with a rusty crowbar.

Woods tearfully mentioned,

“I know this uniform cannot possible mean to anyone else what it does to me”.

Once Read returned back home after WWII had come to an end, he studied to become a scientist and raised a beautiful family.


Wood admits that Read literally never spoke about his time in imprisonment until much later in life when he began to get involved in the veteran community and made public speeches.

Read essentially became the face of many veteran events and even had the opportunity to serve as the grand marshal for local parades.

Wood admits that it was Read that inspired her son to serve as a Marine in Afghanistan.

“We are a military family, and this just hurts”, Wood explained.

“When I look his uniform, or touch it, it reminds me of him.  When it was stolen today, it was like he died again.”

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