Man Charged With Defrauding U.S. Veterans Out Of $500,000


John J. Simon Jr. is the 69-year-old man that was recently accused of promising to help more than a dozen veterans and then scamming them out of more than half a million dollars.

State police have told the public that Simon has officially been accused of defrauding 15 victims of $510,000. He was able to scam so many vulnerable veterans out of their money by making the claim that he was using their funds and paying a lawyer to help them obtain Social Security benefits or money from Veteran Affairs claims.

Multiple victims told investigators that Simon never actually followed through and “got them their money”. Investigators also reported that the attorney that Simon had claimed to be working with could not be found and was essentially deemed nonexistent.

Simon’s scam was reported to have began in June of 2011. Unfortunately several of the victims gave Simon less than $2,000 and thus the statute of limitations for these specific misdemeanor charges has expired. However many others gave him far more than $2,000.

One of the many victims was a war veteran that served from 1964 to 1967 and suffered from back and hearing issues. It was in March of 2012 that the victim actually went to Simon for help at the suggestion of a friend. Simon was more than happy to take the victim to the VA Medical Center in Newington in order to register for services.

Reports say that Simon later made contact with the veteran and told him that a lawyer had evaluated his records and made that claim that he could get the victim more than $1 million in back pay.

The victim then proceeded to give Simon almost $20,000 in cash that was supposed to go directly to the attorney.

Simon has been arrested on three warrants and charged with two counts of second-degree larceny and one count of third-degree larceny.

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