Majority of Americans Back Attacks on Islamic State

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Attacks on terrorist Islamic State group must be ramped up according to the majority of Americans.  Numbers from a new poll released today (September 9), show 71 percent of Americans support airstrikes and 65 percent of Americans want expanded U.S. strikes against the terrorist Islamic State.

While attacks on the Islamic State are backed by those polled, the same Americans do not have President Obama’s back when it comes to his leadership on the world stage and in particular with his handling of ISIS (or ISIL).  The same poll showed that only 38 percent of Americans approve of his leadership on the world stage.  Also, 52 percent of those polled feel that President Obama has been overly cautious in how he has responded to the terrorist group ISIS / ISIL.

Other takeaways from this ABC News/Washington Post poll show that politics don’t seem to matter that much when it comes to expanding air strikes against ISIS in Iraq.  Of those polled, 74 percent of Republicans and 60 percent of Democrats back an increase in air strikes.

And another telling sign that it is time for President Obama and our leaders to take a firmer, more aggressive stance on this issues – 90 percent of U.S. voters feel this terrorist Islamic State group is a “serious threat”.

Sounds like Americans are sending a clear message to our country’s leaders that they want increased military action. Will our leaders listen?

Read of detailed account of this latest ABC News/Washington Post poll here.



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