Looking for the Perfect Fitness Membership and Training Plans? Runtastic Premium Has it All!


Lots of apps, numerous features, and individual training plans: finally achieve your personal goals with the Runtastic Premium Membership! We provide you with all the tools and features you need to get and stay healthy and fit.

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Your benefits in the Runtastic portfolio

Here are your Premium benefits in the following four apps:

  • Runtastic app: Lose weight, run faster or set a new personal best no matter what your goal might be, the training plans and Story Runs in the Runtastic app can help you achieve all of them.
  • Results app: Do you want to build muscle? Get your abs in tip-top shape? Or simply get stronger? With Premium Membership, you get your own 12-week, customized bodyweight training plan in the Results app.
  • Steps app: Get more movement in your life with the Steps app and 3 different plans to reach your individual goals! The plans are exclusively available to Premium members. The app shows you how many steps you have taken and how many minutes you are active per day.
  • Balance app: Do you want to shed a few pounds, find a healthy balance or gain weight? Put your diet under the microscope: the food tracking and plans in the Balance app can help you reach all your goals. There’s a good reason they say abs are made in the kitchen.

These Runtastic users achieved their desired weight with Premium:

Did you know that…

…you also have many Runtastic Premium benefits in the following apps?

  • Sleep Better
    Do you know how well you sleep? Find out with the Sleep Better app! Plus, use the Smart Alarm feature to wake you up at the perfect time.
  • Heart Rate
    An easy way to measure your heart rate using your phone.
  • 3D apps: Leg Trainer, Six Pack and Butt Trainer
    Get your 3-level training plan and build muscle!
  • Fitness apps: Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Pull-Ups and Squats
    With Premium, you get a 3-level training plan — master your workout in future like a pro
  • Road Bike and Mountain Bike
    Get detailed statistics and analyses. And of course, without ads!

So get your Runtastic Premium Membership and get in shape!



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