Level Up With the Loaded Whiskey Burger


After a year-plus of forgoing dining out (not to mention making and eating more than your usual amount of meals at home), what do you have to show for it? Your own perfect sourdough loaf? A home-brewed IPA with your name on it? Neither? Well, guess what? You can hack your way to pandemic productivity by making this loaded whiskey burger. It’s so good you’ll want to show it off at your next opportunity to gather outdoors with friends. Or hell, you can just make it for yourself. Either way it’s one of the simple, go-to burger recipes you’re likely to find in your upcoming summer grilling rotation.

American Burgers, Well Done

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Loaded Whiskey Burger
Authentic Asheville

Loaded Whiskey Burger Cheese
Authentic Asheville

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Loaded Whiskey burger buns
Authentic Asheville

Whiskey burger plated with onions
Authentic Asheville

How To Make the Loaded Whiskey Burger

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