Let’s Rally to Support Our Wounded Veterans – Act Now!


Supporting our wounded veterans is a military cause we can all get behind. We’ve seen how good of a job our politicians and Veterans Administration are doing when it comes to our injured military veterans. It looks like it is up to us civilians to rally together and support our wounded veterans and their military families.

How can we help? There are a number of ways to help. We can volunteer our time with various veterans organizations or start a veteran-focused business. We can shine and light and bring attention to issues facing our military vets.

We can also donate to organizations that serve our wounded warriors. And that brings us to what we wanted to bring your attention to today.

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A Final Push to Rally and Support Our Wounded Veterans

Here at BuiltUSA, we’ve shared a few posts highlighting how GetTheBikes.com supports the Healing Heroes Network and their mission of, “healing America’s Heroes by providing financial assistance for quality medical care to military personnel injured in the line of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan since 9/11/01.”

And the reason we are highlighting them again today is that their Harleys Giveaway – with 100% of proceeds going to support wounded veterans – is ending soon. In case you didn’t know, GetTheBikes.com is giving away two Harley-Davidson motorcycles and free gas to fill your tanks for a year.

Entering is easy and with every entry you are actually making a stand and helping our wounded military veterans. Right now, when you visit their website to enter, you can also receive free bonus entries when you donate $40 or more to their mission of supporting wounded veterans.

So, let’s show our troops and veterans how much we appreciate their sacrifices to protect our families’ freedoms. Let’s rally to support our wounded veterans and make a final push to help GetTheBikes.com and the Healing Heroes Network achieve their mission to make the lives of our injured veterans and military families better. They deserve it!

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