KISS Helps Oregon Military Museum Raise Over $1 Million [Video and Setlist]


Rockers KISS helps Oregon Military museum by taking off their makeup and unplugging their musical instruments in an acoustic performance at a fundraising event. Thanks to the guys in KISS, the charity gala brought in over one million dollars which will go to help fund $15 million renovation project.

You might be wondering why Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley decided to leave the arena, pyrotechnics, ceiling-high amplifers, and makeup behind to perform at a charity event for a military museum. We were wondering the same thing too.

KISS helps Oregon Military Museum – The Backstory

It seems that this museum means a lot to KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer. In fact, the museum will be named after Thayer’s father Brigadier General James B. Thayer who is a World War II hero.

Here’s a great video with Tommy Thayer discussing the Oregon Military Museum project and his father. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley also share their ongoing support of our military women and men in the video. And, Simmons briefly discusses how his mother – who was in a Nazi death camp – was saved by heroes like Brigadier General James B. Thayer.

It’s well worth the watching. Below the video, we included a complete setlist of the acoustic KISS performance at the Oregon Military Museum.

Members Discuss Why KISS Helps Oregon Military Museum Raise Money

1. Comin’ Home
2. Hard Luck Woman
3. Calling Dr. Love
4. Do You Love Me?
5. Plaster Caster
6. Shout It Out Loud
7. Got to Choose
8. Christine Sixteen
9. Lick It Up
10. Goin’ Blind
11. Love Her All I Can
12. Hide Your Heart
13. Beth
14. Rock and All All Nite

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