Jade Helm 15 Has Texas Governor and Citizens Prepping for Martial Law

Bob Welch, left, of Bastrop, and Jim Dillon, of Liberty Hill, hold a sign at a public hearing about the Jade Helm 15 military training exercise at the Bastrop County Commissioners Court in Bastrop on Monday April 27, 2015. An overflow crowd came to the meeting to hear a presentation and ask questions of Lt. Col. Mark Lasatoria, of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, about the controversial military exercise that will take place in several states this summer. JAY JANNER / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

U.S. military exercise, Jade Helm 15, is inciting wild speculation in Texas as citizens say the not-so-secret, secret military training is a prelude to martial law with recently-shuttered Wal-Mart stores to be used as “processing” facilities for Americans. The Texas governor has even ordered the Texas Guard to monitor Jade Helm 15 to protect citizens from this impending takeover. So, where do you stand on Jade Helm 15 – military training exercise or the end of freedom as we know it?

After Jade Helm 15 was publicly announced by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s (USASOC) website in March, 2015, conspiracy theorists and Texas citizens began lighting up the Internet saying the military had plans to institute martial law in the United States. We’re not making this up. And actually, the claims of martial law and Wal-Mart processing centers are tame compared to many of the conspiracy theories out there.

Texas Citizens Confront Army over Jade Helm 15

For two hours in Bastrop Texas, Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria answered questions from a crowd of more than 150 people. The Army hoped to ease the concerns of local citizens in regards to the Jade Helm 15 training operation taking place this summer in Texas and much of the Southwest.

Texas citizens are worried this military exercise is really a prelude to martial law. They believe U.S. troops will confiscate Texans’ guns and that federal government is planning to bring foreign fighters from the Islamic State to Texas. And as we mentioned above, they also believe recent closings of Wal-Marts are no coicidence. Instead, it all a plan to create processing centers once martial law is in place.

So, did Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria ease any of those fears. From the looks of local news reporting, that answer would be “No.”

“It’s the same thing that happened in Nazi Germany: You get the people used to the troops on the street, the appearance of uniformed troops and the militarization of the police,” said Bob Wells, a Bastrop resident, after the meeting. “They’re gathering intelligence. That’s what they’re doing. And they’re moving logistics in place for martial law. That’s my feeling. Now, I could be wrong. I hope I am wrong. I hope I’m a ‘conspiracy theorist.’”

And before you say that this is just the work of a few Texas citizens causing a big fuss and igniting a fire in the fearful, let’s not forget that the Texas Governor is also now involved.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday asked the State Guard to monitor a U.S. military training exercise dubbed “Jade Helm 15″ amid Internet-fueled suspicions that the war simulation is really a hostile military takeover.

What started all this wild speculation? Here’s the official Jade Helm 15 press release from the United States military.

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