It’s True! Brangelina Is Over!

Brangelina is over.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. All of our dreams of Hollywood and romance and that promise of forever? It’s all gone!

When TMZ broke the news, we were all caught off guard. We cannot believe that Angelina Jolie just filed for divorce! Just when we thought this celebrity power couple will grow old together, they are splitting up.

The reason? It’s the typical “irreconcilable differences.”

After all those years waiting before they officially tie the knot. Only to end up in divorce.

Why Brad? Why Angelina?

Our broken hearts will never be mended.

Let’s all pause for a while to remember the life of what we used to know as Brangelina.

The Brangelina Love Story

The couple first met on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith in 2004.


In 2005, rumors started going around about their budding relationship. Before the year ended, the couple hooked up – creating a small family with Angelina’s adopted child Maddox. They then proceeded to adopt a second one – Zahara Marley.


In 2006, Brangelina added another member of the family, Shiloh Nouvel.


Then they adopted Pax Thien in 2007 – an orphan from Vietnam.


The Brangelina family kept on growing and by 2008, Angelina got pregnant with twins, their son Knox Leon and daughter, Vivienne Marcheline.


They finally got engaged in 2012 – after 7 years of being together.


They got married in 2014. Angelina even wore a gown inspired by the artwork of their children. It was a great moment for the Brangelina family.


And now, after a decade of being together and raising 6 children together, the two have now called it quits.


TMX told the world the news about the divorce and even published the documents filed by Angelina Jolie.


There is one information from the document that caught our curiosity. Apparently, Angelina wanted to have full physical custody of their children.


How strange is that?

People started to speculate that Brad was currently going through a mid-life crisis. It led to heavy drinking and smoking of weed.


There are also speculations that Brad has an anger problem. This makes him unfit to raise their kids.


Brad has yet to confirm if these allegations are true.

Rumors are also circulating about a third party. Apparently, Angelina hired a private investigator because she felt that Brad was cheating on her with Marion Cotillard.


We have yet to confirm what Ms. Cotillard has to say about all of this.

It is still too early to say if it will really end in divorce or the power couple can still salvage their marriage.


But for the sake of all their children – and our dreams of forever, we are all hoping and praying that they can work this out.

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