ISIS Fighters Could Reach U.S. Borders Warns Military


A U.S. military commander warned that ISIS fighters could reach U.S. borders by simply following in the footsteps of human and drug traffickers who cross into the United States regularly. He went on to say that right now there are around 100 foreign fighters that are training in Syria with ISIS who could easily easily make their way to the United States because the countries they come from can not track or monitor them once they return.

Exactly where are these ISIS fighters coming from and how can prevent them from crossing our borders? Gen. John Kelly, commander of U.S. Southern Command, addressed both of those questions recently. One thing he did want to make clear was that the U.S. military was in no way taking an ‘ISIS at the border’ alarmism stance over their concerns.

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Tracking and Monitoring ISIS Fighters

At a Pentagon briefing, Gen. John Kelly warned that South American, Central American and Caribbean states have little to no ability to track and monitor foreign fighters returning from being trained by ISIS. He also went on to state the obvious – that those fighters returning from Syria would return with greater terrorism skills and motivations.

“I would suspect they’ll get good at, while they’re in Syria, get good at killing and pick up some real job skills in terms of explosives and beheadings and things like that. And everyone’s concerned, of course, if they come home. Because if they went over radicalized one would suspect they’ll come home at least that radicalized.”

Dealing with ISIS Fighters Reach Our Border

Because there are little military threats in his region, the commander of U.S. Southern Command has a good understanding of the issues law enforcement faces along the U.S. border on a regular basis. He is also an advocate of working with law enforcement to stop the trafficking of humans and drugs in an area where individuals “simply walk across borders” into the United States.

He went on to say that the military does not see an immediate threat from ISIS fighters crossing the borders. We should, however, begin to come up with a solution to prevent these radicalized foreign fighters from the Caribbean, South America and Central America making their way to U.S. borders.

The only solution on the table now is cooperation and vigilance on our part. Law enforcement and intelligence must partner with every state in the region to prevent ISIS fighters from coming through the southern hemisphere into the United States.

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