Did ISIS Capture Weapons Dropped by United States?

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Did terrorist group ISIS capture weapons that were meant for Kurdish forces? That is what they are claiming in a recent video released by Islamic State terrorists. During a fierce battle to capture the Syrian border town Kobani, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria are now boasting that airdropped weapons were practically hand-delivered by the United States military.

As we previously posted, the U.S. military airdropped arms and medical supplies near the Syrian border despite protests of Turkey. The weapons and supplies were provided by Kurdish officials in Iraq. They were intended for Kurdish forces who were battling ISIS in Kobani.

Did ISIS Capture Weapons Airdropped by U.S. – Fact or Fiction?

So are these claims by ISIS true? They did post a pretty convincing video showing air-dropped supplies which included what looked like grenades and other explosive devices. But, like any other terrorist propaganda, the video could easily be fake.

What do U.S. officials have to say about the Islamic State capturing weapons intended for Kurdish forces in Syria? As you can expect, they were being a bit vague with their answers. Here’s a quote from a senior administration official discussing this topic on CBS News.

“We are still assessing the completion of the mission but every indication that we have is that the vast majority of those bundles were successfully delivered to Kurdish forces,” the official said. “We’re still working through a complete assessment right now.‎”

Fact or fiction – ISIS captured weapons? It is highly possible that some of these air-drops which occurred at night could have landing near Islamic State positions.

However, there are reports that Kurdish forces did receive weapons drops and are requesting more. We’ll have more on this in another blog post.

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