Iraq War Amputee to Golf Champion – An Inspiring Veterans Video


Iraq War veteran Chad Pfeifer credits another wounded veteran introducing him to the game of golf for saving his life. Now, the retired United States Army Corporal Chad Pfeifer is making history becoming the first veteran amputee to compete in a professional tournament when he made his debut in a Tour event.

Watch the video below as Iraq War veteran Chad Pfeifer tells his story firsthand – from losing his leg in Iraq to seeing his dream of playing professional golf come true.

This inspiring story of Iraq War amputee Chad Pfiefer who’s life was changed by the game of golf is one we first reported on in early 2015 after reading the Iraq War veteran’s story on the Hero Giveaways blog.


Watch as Iraq War veteran Chad Pfeifer Shares His Story

In 2007 U.S. Army Corporal Chad Pfeifer lost his leg in the Iraq War. During rehab the active athlete was introduced to golf as a means of physical therapy and to help him adjust to his new prosthetic leg. Seven years later, he’s become an avid and talented golfer who’s using his game as a platform to help others. Video Courtesy of Golf Digest


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