International Jobs for U.S. Citizens including Expats, Military Veterans and Retirees

International Jobs for U.S. Citizens
While many are hopeful when it comes to the job outlook after Donald Trump’s win, we can’t control those who wish to flee or simply need to work abroad. Various international jobs for U.S. citizens continue to increase yearly. Last year (2015), the Bureau of Consular Affairs released a document stating that over 8 million Americans (non-military) are living and or working overseas.

Bureau of Consular Affairs

Careers Available Overseas

Americans abroad work as ESL teachers, translators, technicians, engineers, supervisors, managers or other high level executives and so much more.

ESL Teaching

ESL Teaching

Among available careers abroad for U.S. citizens, teaching holds the highest percentage of offers. Numerous countries all over the world are seeking the services of native American speakers who can teach English as a foreign or secondary language to local students. China, Japan and South Korea currently holds the most number of American teachers practicing this profession. 

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English can be considered the easiest job overseas as it is but common for most U.S. residents. A degree in English education or any related certificate is often not necessary either (depending on the school where you plan to work), although it is an advantage to have one. Above all, teaching jobs for native English speakers are highly paid abroad. In most cases, a relocation package is even included which covers expenses for traveling, acquiring or processing work permits/VISA, lodging, food, and other form of allowance.

teaching english as a foreign language

Military Related Jobs

U.S. military jobs overseas also abound. Most of these are related with providing public and private security, specially for top level personalities.

security related jobs abroad

Military personnel who are qualified may also apply for job offers in fields including translation, oil rig related work (as engineer, welder, or manual laborer) and executive level positions. It’s because military leadership translates well into civilian work

Where to Find a Job

finding a job overseas

Whichever job posting is chosen abroad, the next issue is where to find and apply for the actual job. In relation to this, there are federal and non-government options available. Some companies post job openings for their overseas locations so you be in the lookout through their websites and social media pages. Forums and job search sites like LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster are also recommended places to get free leads. There are also agencies and agents which specialize in recruitment although you will need to pay a corresponding fee which is to be paid during the process or after you have landed a job via salary deduction.  

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