Marine Says Military Service the Answer to Many American Issues Including Leadership and Inequality

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Military service provides an answer to many American issues – including our failing leadership. That is the opinion of one former Marine who recently penned an Op-Ed for the LA Times. From our out-of-touch “leaders” in Washington D.C. to the inequality many civilians deal with each day, the former Marine feels like military values could serve as an example for how things should be done.

We’ll hit on a few of the highlights of this Op-Ed piece written by Benjamin Luxenberg for the LA Times. However, we recommend all our visitors read the piece in its entirety as it is very well-written and makes some very valid points. You’ll find a link at the bottom of this blog post.

Military Service a Solution for Failed Leadership

One of the points highlighted by this opinion piece was that our leaders no longer serve in the military. On top of that, these same individuals who are responsible for sending our children to war no longer (for the most part) have children serving in the military.

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We found the following numbers pretty staggering and very surprising. According to Luxenberg, “Among elected officials, prior military service is at 20%, an all-time low. Fewer than 1% of these leaders have children who grew up to don a uniform.”

But it is not just the problem of disconnected leaders and failed leadership in Washington, D.C. that military service and military values could help solve. Luxenberg feels like military values could help solve an even larger issue – inequality.

Military Service the Answer to Inequality

Social and economic equality are growing issues American citizens face each day. When it comes to inequality, we could learn a thing or two from military values and the way our military functions.

According to the former Marine, “The military is perhaps America’s last bastion of social and economic equality. The salaries of those at the top are much closer to those at the bottom, relative to the corporate world. Senior officers live on the same bases — in the same communities — as junior enlisted personnel, and their children go to school together.”

He also points out that, in military life, it is the lowest-ranked that are cared for first. The highest-ranked are cared for last. Take for example a daily ritual of “officers eat last” as one small way we could learn a thing or two about privilege and equality.

The former Marine makes a very valid point when he writes, “If more of society’s privileged served in uniform, we would foster leaders from more spheres — military, business, government — who know firsthand the rewards of caring for their fellow citizens.”

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you feel like it is time to move back to a draft or to require some sort of military service for our leaders? Please share in our comments below.

We invite you to read the Marine’s Op-Ed piece in its entirety as it is worth the read.

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