Hurry! You can Still Catch Train to Busan

As I write this, tweets about Train to Busan are adding up by the minute (or seconds actually) long after it was released. So if you haven’t joined the journey yet, you can still catch Train to Busan!

Hollywood Remake

The zombie apocalypse flick had literally taken over the world that even Hollywood wants to have a piece of the cake through a remake.

asian horror movie with hollywood remake

Let’s just hope it doesn’t get ruined like most Hollywood remakes of Asian hit movies.

Train to Busan Story

The premise makes it a little different from the usual zombie flicks. Everything happens on the train from Seoul to Busan.

train to busan poster

Seoul Station

The animated prequel explains why it all started in Seoul.

Seoul Station animated movie

The K-Drama Element

South Korea’s goodies is not limited to K-Pop music alone. It’s the K-drama factor which also added a new flavor to this zombie movie.

train to busan scenes

Humanity indeed shows it’s best or worst when the need for survival strikes.

Cast and Director

Here’s the cast and director of the movie.

Train to Busan Cast and Director

Ahn Sohee

While you probably won’t recognize most cast members if you’re not really into the K-Pop culture, Sohee may possibly be a familiar face.

Ahn Sohee Train to Busan

Wonder Girls

Why? Because, it’s “nobody, nobody but you…” 

Wonder Girls

Nobody by Wonder Girls Video

Still not sure? This may remind you!

Wonder Girls Attend Premier

Although Sohee is no longer part of the group, former band mates still attended the VIP premier to support her.

wonder girls attend train to busan premiere

JYP and Twice

Other K-Pop stars who also showed their support include JYP and Twice.

JYP and Twice

Official Trailer

Okay, enough of K-Pop if you can’t relate. Here’s the official trailer which will definitely get you hooked!

Official Trailer 2

Here’s one more! Grab onto the edge of your seat!

4DX for Double or 4X Times Excitement

Speaking of seats, I watched the movie in 4Dx and it was double or even 4 times as much fun due to seat movement, mist, and other effects.


Well, that’s how 4DX is supposed to be like. You feel as if you are “in” the movie.

4DX or not, Train to Busan has definitely revived zombies (well, not literally). World War Z 2, we’re counting on you to deliver this much excitement too!

World War Z 2


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