Hundreds Of Strangers Show Up To Honor Vet With No Family


Who He Was

Paul Jamison was a Marine veteran who recently passed away completely alone. After his passing an extensive search was conducted to find his closest family members or perhaps even friends. However no family members were ever found.

Jamison was living at the Golden Living Center Riverside located in St.Albans when he passed away.

Many claimed to have barely known him. The 64-year-old liked to keep to himself. However this didn’t stop hundreds of strangers from showing up to his funeral. Dozens upon dozens were truly touched by Jamison’s story and felt as though it was more than needed to salute the fallen veteran.

Harry and Rhonda Mitchell are a couple who saw Jamison’s obituary listed in their local paper.

“That line, ‘After an extensive search, there are no known survivors,’ really struck a chord with us,” Harry shared.


Hundreds Come Together

Rhonda Mitchell was a U.S. Army veteran. Her husband Harry grew up moving around the country as his father was in the military as well. Even though they had never met Mr. Jamison personally, they felt a moral obligation to celebrate his memory.

The couple was more than happy to set aside their busy schedules and attend Mr. Jamison’s funeral. The funeral took place at Donel C. Kinnard State Veterans Cemetery in Dunbar.

“We were shocked by the turnout. It was huge.”

The crowd was filled with military personal, bikers, and locals that were able to lay Mr. Jamison to rest with full military honors and even a 21-gun salute. Individuals from the Highways and Motorcycle Ministries, Patriot Guard, Brothers in Blue, and even cadets from the West Virginia State Police Academy were all present for the ceremony.

Jamison was have said to have joined the United States Marine Corps in 1971 in full heat of the Vietnam War.

“I will never forget him,” said one friend who asked not to be named. “He was a sweetheart, but most veterans are.”

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