How to Have the Ultimate Lucha Libre Guys’ Trip in Mexico City


You’ll first hear it from the back seat of a cab—the chanting, hollering, low rumble of a crowd somewhere in the distance. As you get closer, the bellowing builds into a roar. The streets begin to flood with locals, and, inevitably, your driver’ll give you the boot. You’ll have to scurry on foot with your friends, moving with the sea of brightly colored masks. This is Mexico City. This is Lucha Libre. And this is only the beginning of the experience.

Sure, it can seem like a farce. It is a bunch of grown men wearing little more than masks and spandex underwear, after all. However, lucha libre is—and has long been—a key part of Mexican pop culture. And now, you can play a part in it too.

If you’re one of the 35 million Americans heading to Mexico during your time off this year, you can up the ante on your guys-only vacation and learn to throw a piledriver at the most famed lucha libre school in the world. Here’s how.

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