Hot Women in the Military and the Police Force from Around the World

hot women in the military

Contrary to the usual notion that a soldier’s work is exclusive for the mean machine which ladies are not capable of (particularly the girly-pretty ones); there are actually hot women in the military who have gone through similarly rigorous training as their male counterparts.

They are both hot and strong at the time. But do note that we don’t just let you browse through pretty women in pictures, we recognize the fact that these ladies worked as hard as men in the military do.

So here are 72 photos of hot military women (army, navy, marines, air force, and let’s add some from the police force too) from around the world.


Niloofar Rahmani is Afghanistan’s first female pilot.

Niloofar Rahmani


Based on some information found online, these women are actually from the police force.

algeria police women


She was one of the Austrian Armed Forces in KFOR or the Kosovo Force.

Austrian Armed Forces in KFOR

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