Hot Women in the Military and the Police Force from Around the World

hot women in the military
Contrary to the usual notion that a soldier’s work is exclusive for the mean machine which ladies are not capable of (particularly the girly-pretty ones); there are actually hot women in the military who have gone through similarly rigorous training as their male counterparts.

They are both hot and strong at the time. But do note that we don’t just let you browse through pretty women in pictures, we recognize the fact that these ladies worked as hard as men in the military do.

So here are 72 photos of hot military women (army, navy, marines, air force, and let’s add some from the police force too) from around the world.


Niloofar Rahmani is Afghanistan’s first female pilot.

Niloofar Rahmani


Based on some information found online, these women are actually from the police force.

algeria police women


She was one of the Austrian Armed Forces in KFOR or the Kosovo Force.

Austrian Armed Forces in KFOR


Women were only allowed to join the military front line in 2011.

australia women pilots

Another one from Australia

australia military women

Little is known about this picture except that it’s supposedly from Australia too and she’s obviously a sniper.

australia female sniper


There’s also not much details found about this picture besides the originating country. It definitely looks empowering to see women in hijab serving.



The photo originally made the rounds of the Internet as “Captain Balislava” of the Russian air forces who took part in airstrikes against ISIS. But she is actually model Ana Hickmann who posted with the Brazilian air force.

female fighter pilot from brazil

If that disappointed you, the next one won’t. It’s genuine.

brazil military women


I didn’t find any background for this except that it’s supposedly from Belgium.

female fighter pilot from belgium


The succeeding two pictures are from the Canadian military.

canadian military

canadian military


Her face is partly covered, but you can still notice how beautiful she is.

chile military


A police officer from China.

china military

Also from China; military

chinese military women


Latin American women are naturally beautiful.

colombian military women

Czech Republic

One of the best photos from this collection

czech republic female fighter pilot


Another European beauty

Estonia military women


Finnish female soldiers are accepted as border patrol members.

finland female military


There are currently 15% female military members of the French government.

france military women


Germany has no restrictions on female military service for any branch including the Fallschirmjäger or paratroopers and even as Tornado fighter pilots.

germany military female


Navy officers

greece female navy


The Armed forces of the Netherlands is divided into four royal divisions including an equivalent of the army, navy and air force plus the Marechaussee which performs both military and police duties.

Holland female military


Women have only been inducted into the military starting 1992.

India female military


She’s actually a police woman but we included her on this list nonetheless.



Iran’s military women are actually members of the Basij, a paramilitary volunteer force.



Speaking of which, did you know that the Wonder Woman of today’s generation, Gal Gadot, also served in the military? Read Secret Celebrity Badasses in the Military.


More Military Israeli Women

And more Israeli military women

israeli women

israel women in the military



She’s holding a Beretta AR 70/90.

italian female soldier

More Italian female soldiers

italy women soldiers


From the Japanese army

japanese female police

It is interesting to note that the Japanese military is collectively called Japan Self-Defense Forces or JSDF.


Like other countries, Kenya had only recently included women in their armed forces back in the year 2000.

kenya military police women


The country had reinstated compulsory military service (for men) in 2015.

lithuania female military


Mexican women have long been involved in arms. Soldaderas or Adelitas have participated during the Mexican Revolution (1910–1920).

mexican military women


The Nepalese army had embraced the presence of women in their forces since 1961.

nepalese military women


Jump back to Holland above

netherlands military women

New Zealand

The country’s military arm is called NZDF or New Zealand Defense Forces.

new-zealand military women


Norway is only one among four countries with mandatory military service for both men and women. The other three include Israel, North Korea, and Bolivia.

norway military women

Norway is also the only North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member with such rule.

norwegian military women


In March 2015, an article from Diario Correo, a publication from Peru reported an increase of 20% per year for Peruvian women joining the military.

peru military woman


Ayesha Farooq is Pakistan’s first female fighter pilot, trained for war.

pakistan female air force pilot

pakistan female air force pilot

From the PAK or Pakistan army



Polish women were allowed military service since 2007.

poland military women

Initially, only women in medical fields were enacted for army duty as volunteers.

poland female soldier


The Portuguese Armed Forces currently consists of about 12% women personnel.

portuguese female soldier


More photos of Polish military women below

poland female soldier

Above is from the Brygada Obrony Wybrzeża or the Luzycka Brigade Coastal Defence (1986-1995). The brigade was part of the Pomeranian Military District, more widely known as blue berets.

poland female sniper

South Korea

Women are not included for conscription or mandatory military service, although they can enlist for the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (since 2010).

south-korean female soldier

There are now over 10,000 women in the South Korean military this 2016.


The Romanian Armed Forces is comprised of 90,000 personnel; 15,000 of which are actually civilians.

romanian female soldier


This was actually a beauty contest for female soldiers back in 2003, called “Beauty in Epaulets.”


The Miss Russian Army beauty contest was held in order to encourage a higher rate of women joining the armed forces.

russian beauties in the military


Another one from Romania

romanian female soldier


More Russian military women

russian beauties in the military

Russia’s army currently consists of about 10% women members.

russian military beauties


After the Second World War, women were no longer accepted in combatant roles.

serbian military beauties

They were reintroduced into peacekeeping forces in 2010.

serbian military women


There are no gender restrictions for the Swedish military since 1989.

swedish female sniper


Women had been integrated into the Spanish military since 1988.

spanish female soldier

It was initially limited in terms of functions and positions. In 1999, women were allowed in all units, including combat positions.

spanish female soldier


Less than 1% of the Swiss Armed Forces is comprised of women.

female soldier from switzerland

Their role is even voluntary. 


Back when it was still independent from China

taiwan women in the military

Before it became the Republic of China, Taiwan enforced conscription for women living in outer lying islands closest to China, like the province of Fuchien.

taiwan women in the force


As of 2005, there are 1245 women in the Turkish Armed Forces.

turkey police women

United Kingdom

About 9% of the British armed forces is composed of women.

british female soldier

Female members were not permitted to engage in combat roles after a media frenzy in 2007 when Royal Navy members, including Faye Turney were held captive by Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

uk female soldier

The ban was lifted just this year (July 2016) by Prime Minister David Cameron. Female recruits were trained on all aspects of the military, including combat since December 2015.


Active duty Ukrainian female soldiers make up about 13% of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

ukraine female soldier

United States

Just like the UK, the US also started training women again for combat roles since December 2015.

us female soldier

Combatant roles have been open to women since this year after Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s announcement.

Miss Kansas 2013 Theresa Vail

Above is Miss Kansas 2013 Theresa Vail; the first ever Miss USA contestant with tattoos openly shown.


Military service for women in the People’s Army of Vietnam is voluntary.

vietnam female soldier

We hope you enjoyed the images as much as the trivia included.

Hot women in the military stand out beyond their beautiful photos, we love them more for their service.

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