Helping Homeless Veterans Must be a Top Priority [Video]


Our homeless veterans live in tents, in cars, and in some cases on the streets with no shelter whatsoever. On any given day, the United States’ estimated homeless veteran population reaches 50,000. This is unacceptable!

These brave men and women sacrifice their lives to protect our freedoms. We civilians are able to have safety and shelter thanks to the sacrifices of our military veterans and service members. They deserve the same.

Politicians grandstand and make big promisies about working to help our veterans. We all know how well these politicians – both Democrat and Republican – deliver on their promises.

The issue of veteran homelessness isn’t just a political soundbite. It is a real issue with real faces – our fellow Americans – who need our help. The plight of our Veterans – homelessness, suicide, PTSD, divorce – should be at the top of our to-do list. We need to make our military veterans a top priority, and we need to start doing that right now.

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Forget writing our representatives, each American citizen should take action now to help our fellow Americans who gave so much to protect our freedoms. Whether we volunteer with a nonprofit, start a local group dedicated to help homeless veterans or just donate to a veterans’ organization, we have the power to make a difference.

There is proof of how we can make an impact on the issues facing our homeless veterans in the video below. Thank you for sharing this homeless veterans story and video and for bringing it to our attention.

Homeless Veterans Video from ABC News

Here’s a video from ABC and Bob Woodruff shining light on the issue of homelessness amoung military veterans. This video shows that – if we make helping homeless veterans a priority and act on that priority – we can help put a roof over the heads of our homeless veteran population.

As you’ll see in the clip, New Orleans just housed all of its homeless veterans – in apartments with a lease for life. This was done with the help of – not politicians – but a nonprofit group made up of citizens just like you.

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