Homeless Vet’s Last Belongings Stolen


They took the Last of What He Had!  Every Belonging Taken…

Austin Minton is a Navy veteran who is simply trying to get back in his feet.

Minton was forced out of his apartment in Oregon when the landlords raised the price of rent.

Since then Minton has been homeless and struggling for quite awhile.

In order to feed himself and eventually secure a home once again, Minton works producing videos for local performers.

Unfortunately, Minton’s car was broken into recently and the culprit took everything.  All of his belongings were stolen from his car.

The thief took Minton’s social security card, important documents from the VA, and all of his video equipment.

Minton’s local community is urging individuals to contact the police should they know any specific details regarding this incident.



Minton has now lost the last of his belongings and his ability to make money to sustain himself.

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