10 Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

Jim Carrey was homeless
We all love the rags to riches story – it somehow gives us an impression that life can turn for the better. Just like these celebrities who used to be homeless but are now so successful in life.

Halle Berry

The award-winning actress used to live in a shelter when she was in her early 20s. She moved to Chicago to be an actress. When her money ran out, she had no choice but to turn to homeless shelters. Her mother refused to send her help. Halle admitted in one interview that it made her stronger. Knowing that whatever may come her way – it made her believe that she can survive anything.
Hale Berry was homeless

Jim Carrey

For a while, Jim Carrey called a VW camper van his home. He used to set up a tent on his sister’s front lawn because life was just so hard before he became famous. He said that it was during these tough times when he developed his sense of humor – which we all know was the key to his success.
Jim Carrey was homeless

Suze Orman

Before giving out financial tips, money expert Suze Orman used to live in a van back in 1973. This was when she first moved to California. Now, she is already estimated to be worth $35 million – after being an Emmy-winning financial adviser and writing various New York Times bestsellers for the past years.
Suze Orman was homeless


The multi-platinum singer lost her job after refusing to sleep with her boss. She was forced to be homeless for a month. It was a difficult time for her to hold other jobs because of a bad situation with her kidneys. In fact, she almost died in the parking lot because the ER refused to admit her for lack of insurance. It was this moment when she thought to fall back on singing to earn a living. It’s a good thing she did!
Jewel was homeless

Hilary Swank

The Academy Award winner used to live in a car with her mother. It was the only way they can save up for an LA apartment. It was not really much different from how she grew up – which was in a trailer park. But when she moved to California to pursue an acting career, things got quite desperate. One friend, who was trying to sell a house, took pity of them. The house was offered to them to sleep in at night – but they had to vacate it during the day so potential buyers can view it.
 Hilary Swank was homeless

Daniel Craig

Life for the “James Bond” actor was just as adventurous as his character. Before we became a famous actor, he used to sleep on park benches in London. Now, he is estimated at $65 million – thanks to the James Bond franchise and the numerous acting jobs he got over the years.
Daniel Craig was homeless

Jennifer Lopez

When she was 18, J-Lo walked out on her mother. Her mother wanted J-Lo to go to college but she wanted to pursue her career as a dancer. She moved out and slept on the sofa of a dance studio for a couple of months before she became a Fly Girl.
Jennifer Lopez was homeless

Steve Harvey

The talk show host call his 1976 Ford Tempo his home for three long years before he finally found his big break. This was in the 1980s. When two gigs did not follow through, he found himself unable to pay for a decent apartment. He showered in hotel bathrooms and gas stations before being called to join “Showtime at the Apollo.”
Steve Harvey was homeless

Drew Carey

The comedian did not only put up with homelessness, he was also forced to sell plasma just so he can get $40 to live on. He was travelling from Ohio (where his father died when he was 8) to California to see his brother when he landed in Las Vegas. With no one to turn to, he ended up homeless and looked for spare change just to buy something to eat.
Drew Carey was homeless

Chris Pratt

While living in Hawaii, Jurassic World actor Chris Pratt, was only 19 when he lived in a van. Although he found the mice-infested van to be awesome, it was quite a dismal way to live. At least compared to how he is living right now. In the same year, an actress (Rae Dawn Chong) decided to cast him in her directorial debut film, “Cursed Part III.” That was the turning point of his life.
Chris Pratt was homeless

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