Hollywood A Listers Who Could Have Landed But Rejected Big Roles

What does it take to become one of the Hollywood A listers?

Box office hit movies. That is what an actor or actress should aim for to be a part of this elite group. A couple of these hit movies mean that a talent is a bankable one. Sometimes, the celebrity alone can entice movie-goers to watch a film. That what being an A lister really means.

Failing to accept the right role could mean fading from the limelight. This is why people who end up rejecting big roles may have made a big mistake – at least when it comes to their careers.

Here are the famous celebrities who turned down big roles.

Hollywood A Listers rejecting roles

Christina Applegate

A listers Christina Applegate

She was supposed to take the lead in the movie Legally Blonde

A listers Reese Witherspoon

Hugh Jackman

A listers Hugh Jackman

007 in Casino Royale could have been Hugh Jackman but we’re sure he can’t just slice up the bad guys with his adamantium claws.

Casion Royale

Emily Blunt

A listers Emily Blunt

The beautiful actress could have put on the spandex and kicked bad guys as Black Widow in the Avengers franchise.

Black Widow

Lindsay Lohan

A listers Lindsay Lohan

The actress was to portray Jade in The Hangover but the deal did not materialize.

The Hangover

Matt Damon

A listers Matt Damon

Matt Damon was asked to take up also the task of wearing a tight spandex (what is with spandex and superheroes?!) and play the lead role as Matt Murdock in Daredevil. We all know the film went to his friend Ben Affleck.


Julia Roberts

A listers Julia Roberts

Leigh Anne Tuohy could have been that mother with a million-watt smile if only Julia Roberts accepted the role in The Blind Side. Sandra Bullock ended up with the part and won an Oscar for it.

The Blind Side

Tom Hanks

A listers Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks was asked to  play Jerry Maguire but the script came a little too late. We could have seen a different sports agent trying to wrap his head around the concept “show me the money!”

Jerry Maguire

Will Smith

A listers Will Smilth

Can you imagine a world where you are just sedated and dreaming and used like an old battery? Well, Neo in the Matrix can’t but what if that role went to Will Smith and not Keanu Reeves?

The Matrix

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