HIV Positive Iraq War Veteran Denied Treatment!


A Federal lawsuit has been launched in which an Iraq War Veteran claims that she was unlawfully discriminated against when she was denied a specific type of therapy at a hospital in Pennsylvania because she is HIV positive.

The 40-year-old war veteran does not wish to disclose her identity to the public.

The orthopedic hospital, OSS Health in York Township, is under fire for possible discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

During the initial stages of this lawsuit, OSS Health has made it clear to the public that they did not do anything wrong in this case.

The plaintiff shared that it was a doctor’s visit that she had back in June of 2015, that a physical therapist had recommended her to receive a specific type of treatment known as aquatic therapy.

Aquatic therapy can refer to treatments that are performed in water for the patient to benefit from relation, exercise, as well as physical rehabilitation. Patients are usually treated in a heated therapy pool.

The unnamed veteran was on track to receive these treatments at OSS Health however she claims that once the therapists looked through her medical records and confirmed that she was HIV positive, she was immediately turned away.

The Drayer Physical Therapy Institute and the specific therapy involved in this incident have also professed their innocence.

The lawsuit against these sources was officially filed mid last week.

The unnamed veteran certainly isn’t the only veteran fighting the lifelong battle of living HIV positive. She has certainly received support since filing her case.

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