Helmet Cam Video of U.S. Military Raid on ISIS Prison Complex


A helmet cam video of the ISIS prison hostage rescue involving U.S. special operations troops along with Kurdish and Iraq forces has surfaced online. The helmet cam video purportedly shows shows scenes of freed prisoners running across a danger area as gunfire can be heard in the background, along with U.S. Army Delta operators waiting inside a room as hostages are searched.

Watch the video below along with a second video of what coalition forces did to that ISIS prison complex in Iraq after the rescue operation was complete.


Video of U.S. Delta Force Raid at ISIS Prison

The joint U.S.-Kurdish hostage rescue operation took place last week in northern Iraq’s Kirkuk province in the town of Hawija. The area surrounding the ISIS prison complex was bombed by coalition air power in support of two helicopters used to land in the vicinity of the makeshift prison, The Guardian reported.

Commandos entered the makeshift detention facility, killing several ISIS militants, and detaining five others, according to Army Times. And as we reported prior to the release of this helmet cam video, Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler became the first U.S. service member to die in the ground fight against ISIS in Iraq during this operation.

Coalition Airstrike Takes Out ISIS Prison Complex


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