Heinous Law Halts IVF Coverage For Veterans


Active U.S. Service Members who cannot conceive a child naturally are offered financial assistance under the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to utilize IVF treatments, however, a soldier who was deployed, wounded and unable to conceive because of his/her injuries would not be offered IVF treatments covered under the V.A.  The reasoning is because disabled soldiers are no longer able to be on active duty, which is the only status available if one wishes to receive this assistance.  23 years ago, a conservative congress passed a law which made such experiences a nightmare many Service Members are experiencing.


Alex Dillman has been living through this experience and shared his anguish with reporters.  Before he lost the IVF coverage offered to active duty personnel, he and his wife tried to squeeze in the appointments between rehab and doctors for his injuries.

ivf coverage

“It’s really unrealistic for soldiers in my position, with the types of injuries they have, to be juggling both those things — rehab and trying to start a family,” Alex said.


Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington has been pushing against the old law and trying to forge a new wave of change to overturn the unjust regulation.  The tide is beginning to turn in favor of the injured troops who return unable to conceive and unable to undergo IVF treatments in the same timeframe that they are fighting for their lives.


The cost of such treatments can be thousands of dollars every time IVF is attempted.  Until there is a solution as to where the money to pay for extending IVF to disabled veterans would be coming from, we can expect the status quo to continue.  At present, injured veterans wishing to conceive using IVF will have to finance their own future families without the help of the Veteran’s Adminstration.

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