Healthy Substitutions


Eating healthy is all about eating the right foods to fuel your body. We all love to eat really delicious things but sometimes certain ingredients can make a recipe not so healthy. So, I created a few substitutions that I like to use to make my recipes healthier and much more guilt free!

One of my substitutions is for lasagna noodles. I have tried using zucchini, eggplant, and various other vegetables instead of the pasta and in a lasagna, they are too watery to use. I tried using egg substitute and I think my lasagna turned out great! My husband didn’t even know that he wasn’t eating pasta! He also loves sausage in his lasagna. Who doesn’t?? I decided to use lean ground turkey instead of Italian sausage and once again he had no idea I substituted his beloved pork sausage! Plus, we didn’t feel bloated and heavy after eating such a “decadent” meal! I also like to use my turkey “sausage” for other recipes that would normally use sausage and I also love it in my scrambled eggs for breakfast!

After dinner I often get a craving for just a little something sweet. I always try not to indulge in something like chocolate truffles and in fact I don’t like to keep anything like that in my house! But when the craving hits it hits hard so I had to find something that I could keep in my house that I wouldn’t feel guilty about if I did eat one, or three!! By using a healthy fat such as an avocado, you really get that good mouth feel and it is very satisfying. Not to mention the deep chocolatey flavor!

So here are my recipes for a few healthy substitutions that I hope you try and enjoy. Happy eating!

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